“Tim Says”


As most people in our industry know, shoots can go for days and those days can be long.

Tim already has a penchant for his mouth moving faster than what he’s thinking, but when he’s tired…the good stuff comes out.


This has been compiled over the years of long studio and location shoots.

Tim gets tired and then he starts to combine words to make new ones.

His excuse is he’s being more efficient. We just find it funny.

Not surprisingly, over time, some of these words have even come to be part of our everyday shooting lexicon.

Maybe one day you’ll be on set with us and witness the birth of one of Tim’s new words. We guarantee it’s always a laugh. Until that time, enjoy the “WORBAGE”.


The Official Timothy Baur Dictionary

Bagely                         Barely & Vaguely

Beautyo                      Beauty & Studio

Bizonormous           Bizillion & Enormous

Crangle                       Camera Angle

Crumb On                  Crap & Come On

Cuttage                       Cuts & Footage

De Prep                       Wrap 

Desaid                          Say & Decide

Fague                          Vague & Foggy

Fazy                             Foggy & Hazy

Glazed Up                   Glazed Over & Looked Up

Hallucinajason        Hallucination

Hamster Sauce       Hampshire Frost

Herrible                     Terrible & Horrible

Ingentive                   Ingenious & Inventive

Jutter                          Jitter & Flutter

Oint                               Aim & Point

Quatten                      Quite & Gotten

Scriny                          Shiny & Screen

Scurfing                    Skating & Surfing

Slickeded                  Selected and Clicked

Smuffed                    Stuffed Up & Smothered

Snunker                     Sneak & Hunker

Spivet                           Spin & Pivot

Thiked                         Liked & Thought

Twacked                     Tweaked & Wacked

Walkering                  Walking & Pondering

Wook                             Walk & Look

Worbage                      Wordage & Verbage





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