Just like Captain James T. Kirk…

Timothy Baur is an Iowa man.

Tim’s love of photography and film started as a teenager in Austin, Minnesota (home of Spam & Hormel chili) with a 35mm Vivitar camera and his passion continues to this day.

Tim moved on to the University of Arizona and a career as a dive instructor. I know what you’re thinking, Arizona and diving? Not a natural combo, so off to Los Angeles and a new occupation….photo assistant. He apprenticed under Bob Grigg and took off on his own 5 years later in 1989. Speaking of taking off…during that time he was also getting his pilot’s license.

So many passions mixed into one, Tim manages to get in many of these as well as merging them together. He spent his teens and early 20’s as a drummer in several bands and still plays to this day as well as composing music.

He DID get his pilot’s license and flies planes as well as helicopters and RC. If that’s not enough up in the air for you, let’s launch into the fact that he also paramotors. From the air to the sea, Tim still fits into his dive gear after all these years and recently spent some time underwater in the South Pacific.

35 years of professional directing and photography and still looking for new experiences and creative pursuits. Loving life and capturing it ALL!

But wait….there’s more

We’re the full package! Production House, Professional Film and Photo crew, as well as our own 6,000 square foot Studio located conveniently off the 405 near the Long Beach airport. Our studio is equipped with camera, grip and lighting, a full kitchen, client lounge, fast wireless internet along with 2 large roll up doors and loading dock. We are off the main road with a secure location for all your filming and photography needs.

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